Notepad++ Horizontal Ruler Plugin

**Update 2/5/18**

Plugin confirmed working on Notepad++ v7.3.3 (32-bit).


**Update 3/24/17**

I want to say thank you to Jeffery Grossman who took the time to import code and translate it.

Direct Download to English Version:

Drop this .dll into the C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\plugins\ folder and restart NPP.

Note that the x64 version won’t even have a plugin manager.  See below for more info on that.

I’ve tested it and confirmed it works.

**Update 2/27/17**

This took me a little bit of digging to find but after a lot of searching – this ruler plugin came up in my search.  The page is in Japanese, so run it through google translate or use the download link here:

Direct download link:


Extract and install NppHorizontalRuler.dll here:

Note: This plugin will not work with Npp x64 – The official website specifically says “most of plugins (including Plugin Manager) are not yet available in x64“.

Windows 7: C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\plugins\

Restart Notepad++ and it will appear in the Plugins Menu.  Select “RulerToggle” or “RulerVisible” and it will be enabled. 

Once installed, it will look like this:



Options Dialog:


(Update Feb 27 2017: English Translation thanks to Franco in the comments)


Notepad++ Horizontal Ruler Plugin

22 thoughts on “Notepad++ Horizontal Ruler Plugin

  1. Tony says:

    You can control the size of ruler by the the options.
    The first one is fix size.
    The second one is that you can choice the size what ever you want.


    1. You are 100% correct – per the official Npp website: “Note that the most of plugins (including Plugin Manager) are not yet available in x64”. I’ve updated the post regarding this. Thanks!


  2. I’ve modified the sources to run with Notepad++ x64. Fairly easy: Add x64 Build Configuration and change the return type of function “OptionDlgProc” to INT_PTR in “NppHorizontalRuler.cpp” and “NppHorizontalRuler.h”. Compiled without a problem (VS2013).

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  3. really important says:

    the posted plug-in has a bug: it doesn’t zoom properly when the text window has been zoomed with mouse wheel. To adapt the zoom of the ruler you have to change to another file and return back, only than the ruler zooms in turn


  4. Robert says:

    Love it – but one huge change request… Is there any way we can get the ruler to start on 1 instead of 0? Or give the option for that? This is the only ruler I know of where the 10s are to the left of the ruler breaks. For instance, to the LEFT of the first big line ruler break is the 10th column, but the RIGHT of the same marker is the number 10. It is counter intuitive.


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